Specialties: Child development and early education for children from birth to preschool age. Administration and curricular planning for bilingual teaching, learning through play and contact with nature. Bilingualism, inclusion and multiculturalism in children’s teaching and learning. Childhood nutrition, visual arts, painting, sculpture, various crafts and mindfulness.  

I value: Respect for life, art, culture, empathy, sincerity, difference and uniqueness, grace, sincerity, respect, inclusion, diversity and social equity, companionship, relationships, loyalty, continuous learning, health and well-being, love, friendship, caring for oneself and for every being, each step that gives me life, childhood, family, earth (both), growth. I value that there is not enough paper to write everything that I value.  

I collaborate with Primordial because I believe that there is a collective need for individual connection and healing in our community. I believe that, in some way, immigrants suffer double and that Primodrial’s work of caring and building a safe and supportive space to develop tools for well-being, brings the community a gift born from respect and love. I collaborate because I am an immigrant and because I am Latina. I collaborate because of the qualities of the human beings that make up the Primordial team. I collaborate because I experienced firsthand the need for the existence of an organization that would be a beacon for my ship in the midst of the storm. I collaborate because I was invited and treated with affection and respect from day one. 

Positions/Affiliations/Responsibilities/Passions: Mother, sister, daughter, friend, inhabitant and passenger. Family Child Care Provider at Paleta Family Child Care, LLC. I love the sea and certain boats. Animals, plants, stones, color. I am passionate about camping, traveling, knowing, experimenting, painting, learning, exploring, sharing. I am also a student at UW-Whitewater and UCLA. 

Affiliations include: PRIMORDIAL, NAEYCWECAReach DaneFairshare CSA Coalition, Wisconsin Public Radio,CCTAP, The Registry, Inc, NAFCC .