Specialties: Teaching theatre for children, project coordination, writing of plays for children, study and practice of Aztec-Mexica culture, massage therapy, temazcal rituals (traditional Mexican medicine), performance of huehuetl, panhuehuetl and teponaztli (Mexican pre-Hispanic instruments). Languages: Spanish, Portuguese and I am a student of Nahuatl and English. 

I value: Teamwork, honesty and loyalty. 

I collaborate with Primordial because I believe in community. I know that we are all part of the same fabric and that, despite distances, borders, culture, and language, we are still human. It is only in community, respecting the authenticity of each one, that we can fulfill our dreams and have a fuller life. For me, Primordial is a place of transformation that offers the necessary tools to modify your personal perceptions and allows you to live your life, whatever it may be, in a more present way. 

Positions/Affiliations/Responsibilities/Passions: Woman, sister, daughter, friend, practitioner and student of the Azteca-Mexica cultural legacy, teacher for children, writer, masseuse, singer of healing songs, temazcalera, performer of huehuetl, panhuehuetl and teponaztli, coordinator of courses and general support at Primordial.