We start 2022 with an invitation to unite the qualities of the wisdom of your body, creativity, and movement in a process of love and self-care.

Primordial Multicultural Healing Community in alliance with Latino Health Council and  Yoga en la Cueva, offers this free, online chair yoga course in Spanish, for adults and seniors. We are looking to make this option accessible for you and a wide range of people in our Spanish-speaking community.

Join us just the way you are, regardless of your physical characteristics, age, or location. You will only need to make this time for yourself, to want to leave the routine, a chair and a connection to Zoom.

This practice is designed to help you maintain a good level of motion, muscle tone and joint mobility without forcing or overstressing your joints and muscles. We will perform postures and balances while on the chair, some standing postures, flexes, and extensions, creating a connection between the physical body, the mind, and emotions.

It is a class which intends to achieve healthy bodies and minds to be happier and live better. It is likely that the more you attend, the more health benefits you’ll obtain. You can take two sessions a week or just one day, what matters is that you commit to make time for yourself. Come as you are!


Starts: March 15th

Ends: May 14th


Tuesdays from 10:00 to 11:00 am 

Saturdays from 9:30 to 10:30 am

(USA Central Time)

Free course in Spanish


Virtual class via Zoom

We keep our groups small to pay more attention to every participant!




Gabriela Tavera

Dancer and teacher of classical and contemporary dance, graduated from the National Institute of Fine Arts of Mexico. Since 1999, I have been teaching yoga classes, founding the schools Anjali Yoga, Lakshmi Yoga, Inspira Yoga and Yoga en la Cueva.